LexisNexis Information Suppression Form


  • Enter your name and optional identifying information, complete the address and optional contact information.
  • Select your reason for requesting suppression of your information. Depending on your choice, you may be asked to provided additional documentation.
  • Press the Add button to submit the request.
  • You will be able to enter additional members of your household on subsequent screens
  • Items marked with * are required.
  • Information submitted on this form is used for processing suppression requests and for no other purpose.
    Please note: Individuals may only submit suppression requests on their own behalf, or on behalf of individuals for whom they are an authorized agent.

    Individual to Suppress

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    Providing date of birth and/or a Social Security number is not required, but will help us make a more precise match when suppressing you and / or your family members' information from our products.
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